Art of Wall

Art of Wall


We asked our Creative Director, Elna, about the Art of wall campaign.

What was your role in the making of this campaign?
I am a jack of all trades lately, but officially I am the Creative Director for BrandBlocks Marketing. It is my role to conceptualise the ‘’big idea’’ and write the copy or that one line that makes people think, laugh…or cry.  Finding the words and visuals to give life to the brand message that we want to communicate to our audience and the link to their lives.  With this particular campaign,  I did the graphic design for the trio and from there our talented Hannah Nienaber as senior designer, completed and rolled out the project for multiple marketing channels.

The same campaign but three very different elements to it, what was the Inspiration for this campaign?
What an exciting story to tell here.  Our client, Paintsmiths, are one, if not THE, luxury paint provider in South Africa, briefed us to conceptualise and design an Integrated Marketing campaign to promote 3 of their top seller Midas Earthcote products.  The three products, Pandomo, Frost and Dorado are all inspired by varying nature elements.  Marble, Ice and the scales of a fish respectively.I think the visuals will speak for themselves in communicating the fact that Earthcote paints have become something more than just paint.  It has taken on a life form. With the copy line: The Art of Wall, it also sends a message that the product becomes the best and reaches the ultimate best level of ‘’wall paint’’.  Therefore, the line: The art of Wall.

There is also a deeper root in the copy line which stems from the ancient Chinese writings about ‘’The art of war’’ which I am sure you are familiar with.  One of the principles of these ancient writings is that one needs to try to win a war without fighting. The fact that all 3 walls are direct metaphors for ‘’fish’’, ‘’marble’’ and ‘’snow’’ can also be linked to this concept.
The paint is inspired by these elements, without being them.  (Well I know that is taking it quite deep, but it is always interesting to understand where our thoughts originated the ideas from :))

How do you feel about the outcome… excited, happy, exactly how you imagined it?
I am very happy with the outcome.  All 3 designs are unique and relevant to its product, but they all form a unit.  I think the photographer, Bernard Bruwer, did an excellent job in translating the creative brief when shooting.  Jean Marie Raubenheimer, who handled the bodypainting also did a phenomenal job.  The success of this particular campaign lies in the synergy of all the creative fields taking hand to make something so beautiful.

Tell us a bit about the people that were part of this process – models, make-up artist etc.
The entire campaign team consisted of the below people:
Concept and Creative: Elna Wessels
Design and Layout: Hannah Nienaber
Photographer: Bernard Bruwer
Special Body Painting make up: Jean Marie Raubenheimer

Behind the scenes, what does it take to pull something like this off? What goes into a campaign like this to get such an amazing result?
When you really really love and understand what you do and put heart and soul into finding the right answer, then you can only expect fireworks!The perfect link between the brand, the message and the visual, creates harmony.  A strong message that can be transferred to many channels to create a strong Integrated Marketing Campaign.

Also, teamwork and respect for each other’s professional opinions, uplifts a campaign to another level.  We all have a special unique talent and combined we are so much stronger. Respect and motivate one other to excel by using your God given talents and unique voice.

Reading is not only informed by what’s going on with us at that moment, but also governed by how our eyes and brains work to process information. What you see and what you’re experiencing as you read these words is quite different.

Jason Santa Maria

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